New Job w/ EBSCO Industries – MetaPress Division

So I turned in my resignation at Westar Aerospace & Defense Group, and will be starting work at EBSCO Information Services in Birmingham, AL. My first day will be 31 March 2008. I have heard great things about the products and what I may be working on. I recall in the interview that I may work with and EBSCO hosts databases for Colleges & Universities, Hospitals & Institutions, Corporations, Government Institutions, K-12 Schools, and Public Libraries.

EBSCO is big into performance. They receive millions of hits each month. Here is a chart I created showing only Alabama Search Statistics for Colleges & Universities, K-12 School Systems, Postsecondary Institutions, and Public Libraries.

EBSCO Search Stats in Alabama

EBSCO Entrance Speed Limit EBSCO Offices
Pictures of EBSCO Information Services

I will miss my current employer. Westar has been so good to me, and many of my supervisors have been the best I have ever had. The decision to move on was difficult to make. Jeff Atwood explains his decision to in making a job move to a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure” book series (a read well worth it). Regardless of the cons to leaving, I find many more pro’s that I am looking forward to. I hope all goes well in this transition.

Do you have any relocation tips you can share?

  • selling a home / buying a home
  • places to live-in / or avoid living-in surrounding birmingham, al
  • moving companies that are good
  • anything else that will help…

A Day at Work

This video shows what my day is like at work.

Take a look and picture me working 🙂