Google Premium Messaging Blocked

On Jun 12, 2008 at 5:28 pm, I sent a text message to GOOGLE (644653) and I received the following response:


Premium Messaging to this mobile number has been blocked. Only the account owner may request a change to this setting with his/her wireless service provider

Jun 12, 5:28 pm

I asked my wife if she was able to receive SMS messages from GOOGLE, and she could. We have the same phone (enV2) and same service provider (Verizon). We were on different plans, and I thought that would have be the thing that made the difference. My wife has unlimited minutes on her mobile phone and I have 900. We both have unlimited text messaging and that should not be different between the two plans.

When I called Verizon, they informed me that I had not signed up for the Premium Messaging, and that my wife had it set up for her account. The only explanation on why this changed is that Google must be sending their SMS messages out a different way. I don’t know how this works, so if anyone has any know how on this, then please let us know. So you may ask, how does Premium Messaging work? Here is a post from a forum that helps explain it. For the full post go here.

premium text messaging is billing, usually from 3rd party companies, applied to the bill. these charges can range from $.50 – $19.99+ and are for services provided. some examples:

-on tv you see an ad for a “joke of the day sent directly to your cell phone, just text the work ‘joke’ to 22332”

-you watch american idol and want to vote, they will charge you $.99 for every vote.

-you’re on the internet and see an banner for “FREE RINGTONES!” you link to the page and it says “Just enter your mobile number to get 8 free ringtones*” well if you look up the “*” way down the page it says “by entering your mobile number you agree to a $19.99 month subscription to “Ringtastic Tone Service.” etc.

these are just a few examples. call customer service and ask for detail on the charges.

NOTE … GOOGLE SMS messages do not cost money*. GOOGLE is the 3rd party here, and they work through advertisements. They just are not serving AD’s at this time. This is very similar to 1-800-GOOG-411. Both services offer different features, which are very nice. I recommend trying them out, you may find that it save can really save you time and pull you out of a mess when you are on the road.

To try out GOOGLE messages via SMS, go to:

To try out GOOG-411, call 1-800-644-6411. This is a free service also.

* Free GOOGLE SMS may change in the future, but I find that to be highly unlikely. If it does change without me knowing then I will have a heafty cell phone bill 🙂 I am not responsible for any charges if any apply. Use Premium Messaging with caution.