22 Confessions Of A Former Dell Sales Manager

This article was found on www.consumerist.com: 22 Confessions Of A Former Dell Sales Manager. I recommend that anyone that wants a Dell computer read it. This is a great reference. Print it and hold onto it. Apparently Dell did not want anyone to see it. Dell was attempting to force the consumerist website to remove the posting. The consumerist site refused to remove the post and noted that nothing in the article was illegal. The consumerist then explained that it will most likely hurt Dell more by forcing them to remove the posting than to keep it up. Dell finally admitted that they were in error for asking the post to be removed. Take a loot at the article, it will give you some good tips for your next purchase!

Note item three:

3. Extended warranty for laptops – Do it for as long as you feasibly see using your laptop, and include accidental. Two years is typically the lifecycle from “new product” to “no longer produced/no more refurbs” though YMMV. Once your model is off the refurb site, drop it. Voila! New laptop. The standard warranty will not cover any screen defects.

UPDATE: Current Dell rep says: If a system is no longer shipping a used/refurbished is always sent, though the refurb should be equal or better as far as hardware is concerned. As of this writing if a system is exchanged, via either Complete Care warranty or concession, and the system is still a currently shipping model a new system is to be sent.

I recommend not buying the extended warranty with accidental coverage for the intent of dropping it. This is not ethical!


Dell: 10 Days of Deals (Great Laptop Price)

If you are looking for a good price on a laptop? Here is an excellent configuration I recommend. Offer end today!!!


Inspirion 1501 Laptop

I also recommend the upgrade to the 85 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery [add $20 or $1/month1]. This is a system I would buy. Take a look at the specs and price your computer out.

Fixing a Dell XPS M140 Palm Rest Mouse Button

Ok, so our laptop of just over one year ran into some mouse button problems. This problem has gradually been getting worse until yesterday; when the left mouse button on the laptop completely was depressed and would not raise again. The button still worked, but the nice squishy feel of the button was no longer there. So I could not stand it! I followed the instructions for removing the Palm Rest from the laptop, and dug into figuring out the problem. It turned out that there is a little rubber nipple like piece that detached from a volcano like base. When resetting the piece, I made a mistake and pointed the nipple up, when in fact it points down. I was happy with my progress. I had never disassembled my laptop this much, and thought it was kinda fun. Here are some pictures of what I did.

p5280078small.jpg p5280083small.jpg

p5280087small.jpg p5280099small.jpg

  1. Picture of all the main computer components taken off
  2. Parts to get to the Palm Rest
  3. The problem with the left mouse button
  4. What is underneath the left mouse button

Conclusion: You can fix this problem, but it does not have the same feel as the right button. The button still works, but experience changed. Thank goodness I still have the option to order the entire “Palm Rest” from Dell for $34.95 with $8.00 for shipping (3-5 days). For me, I will completely replace the “Palm Rest” part of the XPS laptop and call it good.


One person who found this blog said that this information was invaluable. I am glad that I could help you all out. Here are some pictures from the person who purchased just the touch pad and installed that. Maybe these picture taken by him will help someone else out.

Please read the comments below if you are looking for a solution to just purchase the pouch pad. BEWARE of this though, these touch pads may not work. The safest things to do is purchase the entire Palm Rest from Dell.