I am 29 years old and live in the heart of Dixie. My extended family lives all around me in LA (Lower Alabama). My job is to be as computer geeky as I can. I apologized to my wife and she tells me that “it pays the bills”, so she “says” that she loves that I am a geek. My tubular accent in the south doesn’t jive all the time, and family loves to joke about it. My families feelings are the ones that really matter to me. If I can help you then great, otherwise good luck. If you help me, then thanks in advance.

I am an optimist, so don’t ask me if I remember a bad memory, most likely I have forgotten it, or would like to forget about it. Life is too short. Let’s make the best of what we are given.

– scott klawitter
(from newbury park, ca)


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  1. I love the blog and am very proud of you for starting one up! Good Job my love!!!


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