Intelius UI Design

I just received a post from one of the Intelius web developers. He said he was open to suggestions or input from others, and asked me if I had any UI suggestions for their site. I was excited to here that he was open to suggestions. I hope I can recommend an obvious UI flaw (well, obvious to me), and see if it will get changed.

Some time ago, I posted a review on Intelius and commented on how their purchasing page could confuse someone (like it did my wife). I believe others have made the same mistake and recommend to Intelius to make the change on their site. They never did. Now I have hope that it will be updated.

Here is a screen shot that shows the current UI with the purchasing discrepancy.

Intelius Original

Intelius Original UI

Here is my recommended fix to clear up the confusion
(or some other change would be fine).

Intelius Suggested UI

Intelius Suggested UI

REASON: It does not make since to have radio buttons that “do nothing”, especially if the buttons get changed once you click on the “Buy it” link. If the code relies on the buttons, and it will be a pain to remove, then just set the radio buttons visibility to false or hidden.

I appreciate Michael contacting me and for having an open mind. You can do what you want, this is just my suggestion, but I feel it may keep a few support calls from happening. I hope I have been able to help you guys out. Thanks for contacting me. If you have further questions, please let me know.