New Job w/ EBSCO Industries – MetaPress Division

So I turned in my resignation at Westar Aerospace & Defense Group, and will be starting work at EBSCO Information Services in Birmingham, AL. My first day will be 31 March 2008. I have heard great things about the products and what I may be working on. I recall in the interview that I may work with and EBSCO hosts databases for Colleges & Universities, Hospitals & Institutions, Corporations, Government Institutions, K-12 Schools, and Public Libraries.

EBSCO is big into performance. They receive millions of hits each month. Here is a chart I created showing only Alabama Search Statistics for Colleges & Universities, K-12 School Systems, Postsecondary Institutions, and Public Libraries.

EBSCO Search Stats in Alabama

EBSCO Entrance Speed Limit EBSCO Offices
Pictures of EBSCO Information Services

I will miss my current employer. Westar has been so good to me, and many of my supervisors have been the best I have ever had. The decision to move on was difficult to make. Jeff Atwood explains his decision to in making a job move to a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure” book series (a read well worth it). Regardless of the cons to leaving, I find many more pro’s that I am looking forward to. I hope all goes well in this transition.

Do you have any relocation tips you can share?

  • selling a home / buying a home
  • places to live-in / or avoid living-in surrounding birmingham, al
  • moving companies that are good
  • anything else that will help…

3 Responses

  1. Hello,

    Congratulations and welcome to EBSCO! I work for the EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services division here in Birmingham – I saw your blog post on my Google Alerts that I have set.

    If you have any questions about Birmingham and surrounding areas let me know I’ve been here since 1997, I would be glad to help you.

    Shawn Pearson

  2. Is MetaPress still looking for some more .NET Developers?

  3. EBSCO is always looking for great talent. I do not do the hiring here, and can only refer you to the EBSCO job board.

    Currently the IT jobs available include the following:

    2041 .NET Developer
    2158 Application Developer
    2159 Director of Control
    2123 E-Content Specialist
    2002 Java Developer – Mainframe Interface
    2110 Manager of IT Audit, Security, and Compliance
    1773 MetaPress – .NET Developer
    1766 MetaPress – SQL DBA
    2144 PC Deployment Technician
    2134 SAP Programmer
    2139 SQL DBA Level IV
    2148 Sr. CISCO Network Engineer

    I would recommend submitting your updated resume to all the jobs positions you feel you would be a good fit for. I was grilled in a phone interview and a face to face interview with four other managers and technical experts.

    Some people are required to code in the interview. Be prepared for this. I recommend you read a blog article by Jeff Atwood. He was a co-worker of a previous co-worker of mine who now works for Vertigo. Jeff gives some good insight when he talks about Getting the Interview Phone Screen Right.

    Hope this helps you out, and good luck.

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