Facebook: First Review

So what’s all the hype about this Facebook social networking site? It’s worth over a billion dollars, and the the numbers keep going up. I attempted to try Facebook now twice. The first time I tried, I was not allowed to sign-up. I was not a student or alumni with a current university email account. Later on, Facebook decided to open up there social network to everybody. You need to join a network if you are going to be anybody. I tried out the service near the beginning of 2007 and was not much impressed. I guess it is my lack of social interaction or lack of friends.

I realized that this service was one hundred times better than Orkut; the worst and slowest social networking site ever. I gave up on Facebook because I could not find friends on it. I was not able to connect to my school and just did not want to waste my time with people I don’t know or have not meet. So I deleted my account to find myself once again trying the service again tonight. So here is what I liked and disliked:

I found that creating an account was very easy. Joining networks like Dothan, AL or Newbury Park, CA was easy as well. Attempting to join a college (I attended) without a current college email address still returns nil (which disappoints me throughly). Facebook makes it super easy to find friends from your email accounts. It supported my GMAIL, Yahoo! and Hotmail accounts; and found all the people from my contact list that use Facebook and allowed me to add them to my new Facebook Friend List. Once you invite someone to be your friend, you need to wait for the person to confirm that you are their friend. This makes sure that the friendship is mutual. I had two people confirm that I was a friend within 20 minutes or so (that means that I must be popular – thanks Cary and Rebecca).

I found people from high school that I might want to contact and that’s about it. I seems as though there is not much market for this kind of thing for the married man that I am. Who knows I may just delete my account for a second time. If I stick with it, then I will let you in on the cool things I learn about or the neat things you can do with Facebook.

Below are some stats on Facebook vs. MySpace. My opinion is that the owners of MySpace should have sold long ago when it was worth something. MySpace seems to be trash to me, but don’t take my word for it (look at the spaces for yourself), I have never used it, and I never will. I bet others feel the same way as me.

Facebook vs MySpace

GigaOM Posting

If you are friend of mine that is on Facebook, then let me know and I’ll try to add you to my friend list (that is if I like you). If you use Orkut I recommend you delete your account.

Oh, here are some fun Sale Rumors that were circulating (source: wikipedia)

Sale rumors

In 2006, with the sale of social networking site MySpace to NewsCorp, rumors surfaced about the possible sale of Facebook to a larger media company. Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, has said that he does not want to sell the company and denies rumors to the contrary. He has already rejected outright offers in the range of $975 million, and it is not clear who might be willing to pay a higher premium for the site. Steve Rosenbush, a technology business analyst, suspects Viacom.

In September 2006, serious talks between Facebook and Yahoo! took place for the acquisition of the social network, with prices reaching as high as $1 billion. In October, after Google purchased video-sharing site YouTube, rumors circulated that Google had offered $2.3 billion to outbid Yahoo!

Peter Theil, a board member of Facebook, indicated that Facebook’s internal valuation is around $8 billion based on their projected revenues of $1 billion by 2015, comparable to that of Viacom’s MTV brand and based on shared target demographic audience.


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  1. I am not a fan of myspace either.

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