Satellite GPS Locater

Find where a loved one is by their cell phone number. This would come in handy if you wanted to check on your children’s whereabouts, or make sure your spouse is safe.

SunSat Satellite Solutions Co.
Mobile Phone GPS tracking technology

NOTE: SunSat does not store your phone number for any reason (that is stated in the Privacy Statement).

Rules & Privacy Statement
We do not collect and/or store any telephone number information from our visitors that are keyed in the search box by the visitors of this site.The phone numbers that keyed in for tracking are in the discretion of the user. Never the less no logs or any sorts of recording take place for obtaining the numbers keyed in by the user (visitor). The use of “searching and tracking phone numbers for finding their locations” is for informative purpose of promoting GPS technology and related technologies only. The styles and ways of promoting GPS and related technology information on this site might not be perceived suitable for some people . It is the visitors responsibility to use discretion in choosing to use, distribute and share the search features on this site with others.

Let me know if you need any help with this. Don’t forget to add your comments about this technology.


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