Finding Friends Online – Intelius Review

I have found many friends of mine through the internet. Friends from school, mission or places I have lived. A lot of websites (in the end result) will bring you to a company called Intelius. So when I tried to find a friend from college I decided to use Intelius for giving me the information on the individual.

My wife then went through the motions one evening and attempted to order the most expensive report for the cheapest price. I know this does not make since, but that is what happened, and it should not allow you to do that. Below is a screen shot of what she did. Please click on the picture below to see the whole image.


Intelius People Finder

Well as I looked at the steps that were taken to buy the report, I noticed that Intelius has radio (circle) buttons on the left side (of the table). This column does not need to exist!!! There are no constraints on the users ability to select a cheaper “BUY IT” button with the radio button selected. With the radio buttons on the left, the “BUY IT” buttons on the right should be disabled (if they cannot be clicked on). I would think that a company like this would know that.

So I decided to call the company (phone number: 425-974-6100) I then asked for a refund which I was politely denied. I was then told that I would receive a credit in my account that I could use within the next 30 days. I was told that I should talk to Keith Jones and inform him of the problem with the UI (user interface). He has still not returned my call which I was told he would do yesterday.

As far as the report went, I was not happy. That basic report had just as much info in it as did free places online. If you are trying to look for a friend, here are some helpful hint:

  • try to find them on ZabaSearch first
  • check your college alumni website
  • try a website that they may have registered on (like a mission website)

Let me know if you need help, I can offer more suggestions.


I found out that Keith Jones was out of the office for a few days (sick) and returned my call promptly the following week. He took down my complaint and suggestions for revising the website. He told me that he would pass this information on. I highly doubt that this is a high priority bug, so I do not know how long it will take to fix.

I just checked the website and noticed that if you click a radio button, then select the “Buy It” button, it changes the radio button to the selection you made when you click the “BUY IT” button. This happens without user input. This is not a fix at all. I don’t remember this happening before, so maybe they think this is a fix. In my eyes this is not a bug fix at all.


3 Responses

  1. Hi There –

    Please fee free to ping me back with any questions, concerns or feedback on the Intelius UI. I designed the new interface of the site and am always open to suggestions from our customers on how to improve it. Thanks.


  2. @Michael,

    Thanks for asking. I have a new post with the previous image that I had before. I hope this is helpful to you. Please view the update here.

    If anyone would like to add to this, maybe Michael will subscribe to the comments on this and the next post. Thanks again Michael, and good luck with the redesign.

    – Scott

  3. I got the basic Intelius report today, and they do something really cheesy: they give you the old adress, even though they have the newer one too, but then ask you to buy the $50 report to get the current address.

    That’s a pretty bad trick.

    All I wanna do is send them something from Amazon… which costs half as much as the full report they wanna cheeze me into.

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