Register On Websites Using a Temporary Inbox

I dislike giving my email address to websites. Actually it is what keeps me from registering on many sites. I find it ridicules for me to give my email address so I can look at one article of interest, or download a piece of software. So …

TIP 1. To make life simpler, make up a user name like scottisgreat and append So now you can register on a website using any time you want. You can check your email at any time without a password. All you need is the name of the account “scottisgreat”. Sign into the account here at

So this will save you time from reading all the privacy statements when registering as a member on a website, and will keep that unwanted pesky spam email out of your real email accounts. Note that other temporary email accounts exist, like Just pick the one you like best.

Tip 2. If you use Firefox 2.0+ (which I highly recommend), then you can install a plugin called Bugmenot.xpi. This plugin saves me a lot of time when wanting to view some websites. All you have to do with this extension is right click where a user name is asked for and select “Login with Bugmenot“. These tips have saved me a lot of time and hassle.

Let me know if this has helped you, or if you know of other cool tips.

Update does not offer the same service it once used to. The below screenshot is what the site used to look like. If you still would like to use a service like this, then I recommend you use or

Temp Inbox Screenshot


3 Responses

  1. Ok, so I just tried to use and found out that they are up for sale (or something like that). So I recommend you use and NOTE that you append to the end of a fictitious account name. Notice there is not an ‘e’ in the email address. It is dodgit. But the URL is


  2. works fine… they have RSS feeds, too!

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