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Find where a loved one is by their cell phone number. This would come in handy if you wanted to check on your children’s whereabouts, or make sure your spouse is safe.

SunSat Satellite Solutions Co.
Mobile Phone GPS tracking technology

NOTE: SunSat does not store your phone number for any reason (that is stated in the Privacy Statement).

Rules & Privacy Statement
We do not collect and/or store any telephone number information from our visitors that are keyed in the search box by the visitors of this site.The phone numbers that keyed in for tracking are in the discretion of the user. Never the less no logs or any sorts of recording take place for obtaining the numbers keyed in by the user (visitor). The use of “searching and tracking phone numbers for finding their locations” is for informative purpose of promoting GPS technology and related technologies only. The styles and ways of promoting GPS and related technology information on this site might not be perceived suitable for some people . It is the visitors responsibility to use discretion in choosing to use, distribute and share the search features on this site with others.

Let me know if you need any help with this. Don’t forget to add your comments about this technology.


Google Van Found in Google Maps Street View

Here is a unique picture I found on Google Maps Street View! Take a look at the pictures of the Google Van driving on the road. I think this is the best picture of the Google Van online that I have seen. the coolest thing is that “I found it”! I bet that this Professional Dog Grooming company is happy with this picture! Free advertising with a phone number that is readable: 510-656-0223. This map is of Fremont, CA.

Google Van

Interact with Google Maps Street View to see the Google Van

Post some of the other neat things that you find in the comments. After finding a neat image, click the link button on Google Maps and then copy the address bar (URL) and paste it into a comment. Please let us know what the image is of.

Happy searching!

PicLens: View Web Images in Full Screen or Slideshow

You can now view images in FULL SCREEN using Flickr, Facebook, Google Images, Yahoo Images, Friendster, Picasa Web Albums and any Media RSS website. This plugin for Firefox is so nice for viewing images, and so easy to install.

PicLens Image


Go to to download a copy of this for yourself.

NOTE: I tried PictLens out earlier this afternoon with customize google at the same time. I noticed that did not show the play button on any of the images. To let this feature work, you need to “remove the check mark” from: Tools > CustomizeGoogle Options > Images > Rewrite links to point straight to the images. Removing this check mark will keep CustomizeGoogle from taking control of the images.

22 Confessions Of A Former Dell Sales Manager

This article was found on 22 Confessions Of A Former Dell Sales Manager. I recommend that anyone that wants a Dell computer read it. This is a great reference. Print it and hold onto it. Apparently Dell did not want anyone to see it. Dell was attempting to force the consumerist website to remove the posting. The consumerist site refused to remove the post and noted that nothing in the article was illegal. The consumerist then explained that it will most likely hurt Dell more by forcing them to remove the posting than to keep it up. Dell finally admitted that they were in error for asking the post to be removed. Take a loot at the article, it will give you some good tips for your next purchase!

Note item three:

3. Extended warranty for laptops – Do it for as long as you feasibly see using your laptop, and include accidental. Two years is typically the lifecycle from “new product” to “no longer produced/no more refurbs” though YMMV. Once your model is off the refurb site, drop it. Voila! New laptop. The standard warranty will not cover any screen defects.

UPDATE: Current Dell rep says: If a system is no longer shipping a used/refurbished is always sent, though the refurb should be equal or better as far as hardware is concerned. As of this writing if a system is exchanged, via either Complete Care warranty or concession, and the system is still a currently shipping model a new system is to be sent.

I recommend not buying the extended warranty with accidental coverage for the intent of dropping it. This is not ethical!

Dell: 10 Days of Deals (Great Laptop Price)

If you are looking for a good price on a laptop? Here is an excellent configuration I recommend. Offer end today!!!


Inspirion 1501 Laptop

I also recommend the upgrade to the 85 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery [add $20 or $1/month1]. This is a system I would buy. Take a look at the specs and price your computer out.

Adobe Digital Editions: Does It Deserve a 1.0 Status?

Tonight I tried out a new product called Adobe Digital Editions. I had some thoughts on what I liked and disliked, so here is my review.

I think the project concept is neat, but I think that Adobe could do some things different to make the product better. First off the installation is easy. You can download a version from:

I think that Adobe could do a better job with this application. First off, the application should give the user an option to search for all .pdf files in common areas on your computer (for example: My Documents) and add them to the library automatically. They could also provide a Tools > Options… for adding folders for the application to scan for updated .pdf files. This could be done in the background. A desktop icon was added and it was easy to drag and drop my .pdf files onto the program.

Adobe Digital Editions Icon

I like the UI a lot. Looks like they programmed this in Visual Studio .Net 3.0 utilizing WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), but then again I do not have .Net 3.0 on my home computer, so I guess they did not take that route. This application makes me feel like my XP machine is running a Vista program. The dark theme is nice, but I think some of the colors chosen for the font on the left (the maroon red) makes the selected bookshelf text a little hard to read. I personally don’t like to read books on my computer, and it seems as though this application is intended for this. I also don’t purchase .pdf’s or borrow any .pdf files. Borrow and Purchase are Categories that are already created for you, and they cant be deleted. I also don’t know how to store documents into those bookshelves. It would also be nice if there were a feature to “view all uncategorized” documents. This would make it easier to find the documents that still need to be organized.

On a side note I also like the idea of labels from GMAIL. I wish that others like Adobe would incorporate this concept. Allowing users the ability to tag or label documents (not limiting them to one folder or one category or on bookshelf) makes organizing documents and books much nicer. You could then have a label that could be Microsoft Books or WROX Books, and a programming language like C# or C++ and then label a document with two labels or tags like WROX Books and C++.

I search for just about everything. I use search to find email, documents of certain types, research, etc. But there isn’t any global search feature to search all documents within your library. This feature does not exist in this release. I think it should be added.

I also encountered a software bug when trying to move a lot of files from the “All Items” List View to the new Bookshelf. When trying to view the new Bookshelf, the List View then gets screwed up and you can not view your documents. Here is an example screenshot of the “List View” error. Notice that item one’s text is screwed up. It looks like it is trying to put all the documents on one line. I have over 10 documents listed here and only two items show up. Take a look!

Adobe Digital Editions


Does It Deserve a 1.0 Status? No. I think Adobe should have put some more development time into this product before releasing it to the public as a 1.0 release. I feel this release should have been a RC1 status. I don’t feel the 1.0 build has been QA’d well enough. Gosh, it reminds me of Safari on Windows. Try Again! Sorry Adobe, but I expected more from you. We will have to see what the next version looks like. I hope it is more robust.

Easter Egg in Microsoft Vista Business DVD Hologram

Take a look at this great easter egg that was found on the new hologram for the Microsoft Windows Vista Business CD. Microsoft does not like this type of behavior, so I am curious to see what actions will be taken.

When I worked for a University as a web developer, I created an easter egg in a CD that was distributed to students. The easter egg was difficult to find and would run a flash program of a PONG game developed by a student. Just so you know, I was given permission to do this by the professor and my boss.

Companies like Macromedia (now Adobe) would include some neat Easter Eggs in their programs. If you are interested in looking up other easter eggs, take a look at

DVD Easter Egg