Did You Read This?

Most people believe that my posting here will never be found, or that only people I share my blog with know what I write. I know that people that have this outlook are way off. First off, I search for people online whenever I can benefit from extra information. I have done this for information on old friends, job openings (finding company information), and information on the individuals I am going to interview with. It is amazing the information that is on the world wide web. So it is more important to moderate what you post. What I post needs to be thought out very carefully.

Information online is to be seen by everyone. So I will not discuss information about my employer, or things that can be damaging to others. I will blog as ethically as I know how. Here is an interesting article on “Loose lips cause pink slips: 40% of bloggers post damaging info about jobs“. One key thing I liked was …

Be careful what you post online if you value not only the stability of your job, but your personal life, too.

Loose lips sink ships! So I will only discuss things that will not hurt me, my family or my career. Think twice before writing information or posting a picture online, it can affect your life and the lives of others.


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