Joost Update

Ok, so I downloaded the latest version of Joost (0.10.3) and tried it out. To my surprise, it was a whole lot better. The installation was easier, and even informed the user that as long as Joost is up it will be using your computer as a p2p file sharing application. The main Joost menu is not bogging my system down like it did before. Also my volume control buttons on the laptop now work. That was a nice fix for me. The program line up is a whole lot better also.

While looking at some of the programs, I came across “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”. This is a program that some guys at work have been all about. This show does not portray my type of humor but I know it does for others. Here is what it looks like on Joost.

Awua Teen Hunger Force

It seems as though Joost is playing video’s On Demand (previously recorded) and not live streaming. If I am wrong, then it is not very intuitive to me. Getting to know the menu for Joost takes getting used to. I think they are headed in the right direction though. Anything that is FREE is almost always worth taking a look at, at least I feel Joost is worth it.


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