Joost Expands It’s Invites


Joost is expanding it’s invites by allowing 10,000 of the first readers to receive a free invite. I am unsure of how many invites are out there, but I know that I have some that I can give out. I enjoy streaming video over the internet. I like to watch my Fox & Friends in the morning. I currently use TVU Networks and am fairly happy with the quality it provides. I heard of Joost and said “I’ve got to get it”. So I received an invite from the Joost team a few months back and tried out the p2p program.

To be honest, I was very dissatisfied with version 0.9.1. I thought that the program was really slow on my computer. I am using a DELL XPS M140, 1.73GHz with a GIG of DDR RAM on a Windows XP Media Center OS. I have a 1.5MB cable connection through Charter Communications, and have had no bandwidth issues.

I think I need to give Joost a fair try again. I understand that they have contracted with new companies to bring even more content to the users. I really wish they could get Fox News. Take a look at what channels they currently offer. Let me know if you would like to try out the service, and I will send as many invites out as I can. First come first serve

Want to learn more about Joost? Read about Joost on Wikipedia.


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