Text a Cell Phone for Free

Sending text messages can be a pain. Try entering a couple sentences via your phones keypad, and you might just get frustrated, or learn some good patience. I started by learning patience. Now I don’t need much patience, I can type on a keyboard much quicker than punching the number ‘2’ three times to get a ‘c’ to appear. So hears a trick that can help anybody who wants to send a text message over their computer. Go to the following website: http://toolbar.google.com/send/sms/index.php and follow the instructions to send a message. It’s that easy.

You would think that it could not get any easier, and then your wrong! Try using the extension “Google Send to Phone for Firefox”. You can install the extension from Google at the following location: http://www.google.com/tools/firefox/sendtophone/index.html

This extension is not yet available on Mozilla’s website. I imagine it will be in the future, but for now you can install it at the above location. Happy texting!

NOTE: Check with your cell provider to find out what it costs to receive a text message. Those charges still apply.


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