Honda Odyssey EX-L GPS Navigation Review

So yesterday we took a trip to Atlanta and we got to try out our new vans Navigation capabilities. So here is the low down from our trip. First off, the mapping ability is impressive. I do dislike one feature, and that is the annoyance of the GPS not mapping out unverified roads easily. There are ways of attempting to trick the system, and that is by causing a detour.

If I were to enhance the NAV system, I would provide a feature for the unit to accept a “Learning Mode”, so that when you travel on a road that is unverified, you can allow the unit to change it to verified. In the south, we run into numerous unverified roads in the county, and it is annoying to have the GPS unit tell you to make a U-Turn every 100 feet.

A nice feature the NAV has is the ability to search for restaurants in select large cities via Zagat 2006. There is not much of a problem when you are in a city that is listed in the Zagat system, but when you are in a smaller city you can run into quite a dilemma.

When my wife took a trip to Panama City, Florida she was very aggravated when trying to find a McDonald’s. When she did a search on the NAV system for the restaurant two results popped up in different states across the country. So I received a call from work so that I could give an address of the closest McDonald’s, then she could put the address in the NAV and have the route mapped.

If you have a cell phone with text messaging capabilities, here is a tip for all those wanting to find any local place in an unfamiliar city. Ok, grab your phone and start a text message. Send the message to 466453 (Google) and enter your search criteria. For McDonald’s in Panama City I would type: “mcdonalds, panama city, fl” and then send the message. You will receive results that have phone numbers and addresses, so now you can call and make reservations for a restaurant or use the address to enter into the NAV system. This system works great for finding anything you need. To get a list of other search results like finding movie times or local listings, then take a look here: this is Google’s list of text messaging (SMS) searches that are available.

All in all I love the navigation system, it changes the time automatically when changing time zones, and mapped out our route perfectly. Minor quirks were found, and we loved the directions when changing roads. Changing freeways is easy, and saves me time and money (paper ind ink) from having to print directions from the computer.

Also I am glad my wife encouraged us to get the NAV system … she was right “I would have regretted it!”


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